Natural Hair Growth Journey


I cut my hair in July 2020 in an impulse to start afresh and do something new. It was that decision that led me to start a whole new hair journey which is aimed at growing my hair till mid back length. First, before we talk about my recent cut we have to go way back to the beginning. When I first started my natural hair journey, I started my journey in 2010 when I had a perm, this was the first time I had ever seen my hair in its natural state. I began growing it since then but to be honest I had never cut my hair as short as when I cut it last year.

The best part of my natural hair journey is being able to embrace each stage as it comes.

Right now I’m in my twa (teeny weeny afro) phase and its actually growing on me, its an awkward stage because I cant do much with it except leave it in its afro state or do protective styles with it. The best advice I’d give to anyone trying to grow their hair is to be patient and rock your hair at every stage without trying to rush to the next stage. 

Don’t think that hair products and hair oils are the secret to hair growth. It’s more about protective styles and genetics, if you are predisposed to have long hair most of the time you will.

My mother had hair down to her back before she cut it, one day she just came home and had short hair, I guess I followed in her footsteps.

One year later..

I have learnt that alot can change in a year, and with my hair it certainly did. I watched my hair grow from almost a buzz cut to a full blown afro and I was blown away by how much it grew. I started my youtube channel solely to help people who wanted to grow their hair and manage their 4c hair so  I’m going back to my roots with this post. If you are struggling with hair growth and you want more of an in depth talk through on how you can grow your hair you can check out my youtube video here.


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