The Ronke Raji Brand Story.

For as long the mind can take us, Ronke Raji wasn’t always a household name when speaking about some of the Major Top Beauty influencers in world. It started like any other story. 

In 2017, she emerged with her short series titled “Inspiratorials” which focused on telling  stories  on her YouTube channel, to highlight  the beauty of black women using makeup  and story telling as its primary vehicle for inspiration. 

Before the world will be introduced to her renowned social media brand on a large scale , the Arts & Psychology major expanded her creative Arts  into the makeup industry working with Mac Cosmetics FOR 1 year.

Since then the sky has know no limits for the young entrepreneur as she continues to contribute to the creative industry and amass loyal followers, many of whom know her diversity breeds grounds for the unexpected, a trait that is quite rare in her industry. 

“I think the world deserves to see people for who they really are, without the masks or expectation the world demands from us. Art and creativity is what connects us, it helps us reveal our true inner beauty. “

As a strong mental health advocate my mission here on earth is to expose the stigma behind mental health and help spread its awareness. It’s ok, you aren’t alone, whatever you are going through, we are together, some just hide it better. 

People exist in the world as mere proof that whatever they did, you can do it too. It’s a blessing that I can take you along on my adventure with this platform, to be a compass for the next generation & to figure out this thing called life.