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The Snoo – The bassinet of my Dreams (An honest review)

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Hey Guys! I had to write this review on my blog because I hope this will help new mothers who are contemplating getting the Snoo bassinet from happiest baby. Now, lets talk about the elephant in the room first, the price point! The Snoo bassinet retails for about $1295 and I’m going to be real that was one thing that prevented me from trying it at first.92E9C19E-6B17-4829-9C22-14859E58A51B

What happened however is that I had bought another bassinet not really researching about the other ways to get the snoo. I later on (After Amari was born) found out that there were rental options on their website (https://www.happiestbaby.com/products/snoo-rental) for only $112 a month. With bassinets its only necessary for at least the first few months of life so when it came to choosing one especially with our aesthetic it was really hard and there were only a couple of options. I saw similar women with our same aesthetic order the snoo and I had researched to figure out what it did and if it was worth it and to tell the truth I wish I had gotten it sooner.


I got so excited that I was gifted the snoo to try because it was all I had hoped for. Amari was about two and a half months old when I received the snoo and his longest stretch of sleep was about 4 -5 hours after his bedtime. The first night we tried it he slept for about 7 hours! Between the gentle rocking motion and white noise sound he was super comfortable. Every night is different but since we’ve gotten the snoo the longest stretch of sleep Amari has had is actually 10 whole hours. I know thats not something I thought would happen so soon and Im really happy about it.


Its extremely functional and is something that i would most definitely recommend for new moms. Having adequate sleep for moms help with milk supply, mood and so many other things so to be able to have this bassinet that helps with that is a blessing!

P.S Isn’t Amaris little pout the cutest thing in the world? He always just finds ways to capture my heart



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