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This blog has definitely been an eye opener for me and this new season I’m in and honestly sometimes I just sit an think about everything that has led me here. One night this week I had sat on my bed and gone through my old blog and all the things I used to talk about and how now I look at myself and I feel lost in the sauce. Whats the sauce? Social Media of course. This year I’ve had so many transitions so quickly at the same time that it left my head spinning. Several times I had to reconnect and figure out what type of life I had lived and how I wanted to live now. In as much as people talk about marriage and having kids what I don’t hear is how your life changes. Even now me being pregnant, I’m not as fast and I make sure I’m not over exerting myself. Sometimes I do but sometimes I don’t even mind, funny enough the one thing that I’ve missed through this whole thing was spontaneity, it kept me creative. For me spontaneity had always been something that helped me get out of any creative rut, so what did I decide to do? Dye my hair.

In the past this has been the answer to things left unsolved. To me, my ability to take matters into my own hands and do something I know I definitely I’m skeptical or afraid of doing gave me power. Its honestly crazy how a simple change can make a whole load of difference in everything you imagine. Even my ability to launch my blog and just put my mind to it like I haven’t done in a while was even more empowering. It got me back to being me, the dreamer, the person who though there are obstacles I break them.

My old blog plus my new mindset helped me understand that no matter who you are or where you are in life its really important to send time with yourself. Take photos of yourself, do something by yourself that would lead you to unlocking your true potential. Potential is such a crazy word for me because its actually defined as “latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.”

I’ve been told since I was a kid that this was something I possessed but never knew how to harness it or turn it into something useful. Different stages always bring out different aspects of a persons life but their ability to be able to sort through them is really what makes you strong. I’ve said a lot but trust me these are all the thoughts I’ve had that led me to take these photos. Who I was + Who I want to be = Who I am.

Have there been times in your life you’ve thought this way? Share them with me below.


Keep striving to find the light




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