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My First Mothers Day

 I tweeted last year that this was going to be my last mothers day not being a mother, little did I know that the tongue and manifestation is REAL. I remember when I posted my pregnancy announcement, it became so real. Like wow, that place where I had always wanted to be was finally here, someone mom? Was this real life? I sometimes would just sit down in awe of what was actually happening. The biggest moment I had waited for since when I was a child carrying dollies on my back was finally here? I asked myself if I was prepared and I realized that it wasn’t up to me to be prepared, it was up to me to use what was already happening to prepare myself. The hardest part of this journey though was not being able to share as much as I wanted with my followers but I knew that it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for also the most private time in my life. After the baby, I’m excited to share as much as possible because as my lie changes I believe things change and my horizon of people I can impact becomes greater.This mothers day I worked so hard on launching my blog that I almost didn’t get to enjoy the full day but the joy that it has brought me knowing that  have in some way become a mother twice is all the fulfillment I really need.

If you are a mom out there give me some helpful tips down below, How was your first your with your child? Happy Mothers Day!




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  • May 13, 2019

    This is beautiful. Congratulations ronke

  • Kalishaa

    May 13, 2019

    Be patient with yourself stay positive and keep in mind you’re doing the best for your child
    God always makes good things

  • Doyin

    May 13, 2019

    I am not a mom yet but I admire you and wish you the best in this journey..

  • Cleopatra

    May 13, 2019

    Happy Mother’s Day Beautiful…❤️❤️

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