introducing A N K E...
Not only Beauty but Wellness personified

Aromatheraphy, for your lips. Why would you have aromatheraphy for the body but not for the lips especially since the closest thing to the nose is the lips. Experience a new way to enjoy lip care. This is only the beginning. Follow @ankebyronke for self care tips and how to incorporate your newest favorite lip product into your routine. Either as a lip product at the end of the night or a lip topper after your makeup is done.

Anyway you Anke. Share the experience #myanke

So Whats the story behind the name Anke anyway? 

I had a dream that I was on a talk show talking about my brand and the person interviewed me asking what’s the name of your brand and i said it’s derived from the last three letters of my name. I actually forget I had this dream because I’ve always been a dreamer until I was driving somewhere and it hit me “OMG did I have a dream?!” I frantically started attaching different letters to the front of the last three letters of my name in order to replicate what I saw in the dream to no avail. I did however know that the letter “A” to me was so significant, my children’s names start with the letter “A” my full name Aderonke starts with an “A” my dad/brothers names start with “A” so I decided to put those letters together to form “Anke”. 

It sounded nice, it sounded like something I could build with. I thought let me just make sure it doesn’t have a meaning already, that’s what sealed it for me. -Anke is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means “God has favored me” or “gracious.” It was then that I knew, this brand goes before me. It’s not about me, it was an idea birthed through me and I’m willing to go the long run.  

Why Aromatherapy?

I’ve been interested in aromatherapy since I was in high school, one of my best friends used to have this aromatherapy body wash I was obsessed with and that was the start. Over the years I used several aromatherapy products and really fell in love with how they made me smell/ feel. What really took it further for me was when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020 and I started going to therapy. There was a therapist I went to who specialized in EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and she had asked me to pick an essential oil that invoked feelings of joy to me, I picked citrus. From that day on I made a conscious effort to buy citrus body wash, citrus essential oil and made it a part of my routine. Shower time became more therapeutic and I noticed my moods even improved. With Anke I knew I wanted not only a beauty product but a product that can go beyond, just having a nice scent but also have all natural healing ingredients.

Handmade with all natural ingredients, Anke is a lifestlye.

In zen (Lavender scented) & Namastay Nude (Orange/ Pineapple Scented)