Hi there. You, Yes you! I’d love for you to come to my blog and be able to get inspired, motivated & prepared to be your best self in all aspects of your life! I believe you can do anything, believe it too.


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Who is Ronke Raji?

Hi there! I’m Aderonke Raji-Adeola, a Beauty/Lifestyle Influencer/Youtuber based on the East Coast. Welcome to my world! I became a full-time influencer in 2017, and since then have been partnering with Top Beauty brands to promote their businesses.
I am very passionate about helping young women appreciate their beauty and their self through my daily content.
With that, I decided to create a platform that further articulated my passions for beauty, lifestyle, and motivating through this blog.
Since I was young, I have always loved the arts yet deceived myself that the sciences were for me for a majority of academic experiences. In 2012, I started Instagram, and realized that I really loved creating and allowed that to propel my actions since then. In 2018, I was where I always wanted to be but was still growing mentally. I got married to the love of my life, and gave birth to my lovely son. 6 years after I started posting for fun, all that I had worked hard for finally started to come together, my one goal was to be able to work at home while being able to raise my children. By 2019, I discovered I wanted to create a lane and bridge a gap where I can easily be a creative person who is random and loves doing me, and a woman who has a brand and just wants to promote beauty as well as lifestyle. Hence where I am right now, my satisfaction point, currently raising my son Amari while posting content I’m truly proud of, being a wife and starting a business.

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