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6 Places to buy Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

Last year, I went through a huge lifestyle change and honestly in the beginning I wondered if it was possible for me to stick through switching most of my closet to neutrals. I thought it’d be boring and I’d give up halfway but it made me have a very organized and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe. I wanted my lifestyle to be aesthetic, with tans, whites, blues and greens being the primary focus with a strong bohemian twist. When my son Amari was born I immediately knew I’d want to dress him in neutrals also because it was important for me to keep the aesthetic.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought to get boho baby clothes and a couple of people here and there asked me where I shopped for clothes so I decided to make a comprehensive list of my top ten places to shop. Granted most of these places are indie brands, but I’ve nothing but amazing things to say since shopping with these particular brands. What I have noticed since shopping for gender neutral clothing is that most of them are on the expensive side, however they do last very long and are of great quality.

Amari was pretty small when he was first born (weighing about 5 pounds), so for the longest time until he turned six months, he was always wearing 0-3 months and new born sizes. When he grew out of wearing those sizes, I started purchasing large clothes that still fit snug simply because I did not want to purchase extra large clothing that did not fit. Most of the brands that I found, I actually through the #bohobaby to find them because I wanted that specific vibe. Without futherado, there are the top 6 places I shop for Amari’s clothes.

  1. H&M

One of the first places I did a big buy. Most of the clothes I bought for him were reasonable priced, and definitely within my color pattern. One thing I have noticed though is that their clothed run a little bit bigger in size, so you have to be careful when purchasing from here. I prefer purchasing online because of their large selection than in store.


2. Spearmint Love – 

This is one of the brands that I fell in love with because they had such a diverse collection of brands other than their main brand. A couple of the brands include: QuincyMay and Riley&Crew. They carried a lot of gender neutral clothing that I felt was more suitable compared to other places I found which strictly had pink clothings for girls, and blue clothing for boys. I did not want to always dress Amari in blue, but rather wanted a variety of colors such as white and brown. I was able to get a couple of cute cactus designs and bibs. They also have a really nice variety of utensils and swaddles. It is basically the melting pot of all things you would need for your bohemian baby.

3. Amazon

We all know Amazon is a main source when it comes to baby clothes, however, what I did not know that with going to the right vendor on amazon you will find a lot of baby items that are gender neutral. Before Amari was born I used to sit on amazon and buy everything that I needed. It became a place I got most things baby related such as pacifiers, and even my diaper bag, which became one of my favorites so far.  My favorite vendors are FierceWorld, MiniScout, L’ovedBaby, and Cobroo. I also get most of his undershirts and onesies from Amazon.

4. Katequinn

One thing I love about KateQuinn in particular aside from the fact that most of their clothes are organic, each set comes with a hat and sometimes even shoes, which means you can possibly buy a whole outfit from here. They also have collections of sets that one can choose from when styling their baby. Additionally they have countless number of sales on their website and their items sometimes are as low as $5 for a body suit. They drop new collections quite often which allows for a variety of new patterns and collections.


5. LittleMissDessa

What I love most about LittleMissDessa is their new born hats. Amari was able to wear their new born hats since he was born until now being six months. They also have set such as hats, swaddles, and separate sets that are all in the same patterns — which is pretty cool.

6. MebieBaby

My favorite thing about MebieBaby is their matching sets. Amari has one he has been wearing for quite a while now, which fits him perfectly. Their ribbed footed onesies are extremely warm for the winter (I  have two of them for Amari). Their website aesthetic is also very pleasing.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it very help — until next time!


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