DIY Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps for under $100| Do It Like Ronke


S U P P L Y  L I S T:

Shoes, Charms (personal preference) & Spray Paint

T O T A L  C O S T: $100 

Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps SALE PRICE: $1,575 

The Inspiration:

I’ve always been really into DIY projects but I’ve recently gotten back into them even more. For this first DILR (Do It like Ronke) I decided to spray paint my pumps. A bit of backstory to begin with, because I always feel that it’s necessary to explain what fuels my creative passions.

I was going for an event that I really wanted gold heels for. Since the pandemic I haven’t worn heels and even prior to that I’ve never been a stiletto girl, because to me comfort can also be fashionable.

The Creative Process:

I knew that I was going to be at this event but I wanted maximum glam with what I already had. I had bought these zara heels ( because I absolutely LOVED how they looked, vintage with a modern design. So I decided to see if I could transform them specifically for the event so that I’d be comfortable and it would match my dress which was black & gold.

Going to Joanns they didn’t have a large selection of spray paint but I saw they did have this mirrored metallic gold spray paint. It took me 10 minutes to spray paint the shoes. I did it in the house (please don’t do that, I had to turn the fan on to ventilate, DO IT OUTSIDE!) I did it on a cardboard box to minimize staining.

End Notes:

I literally wrote this blog post because I was so excited for you guys to try it. Tag me on instagram or send me a DM if you try these because I’m actually in love with how they turned out. You can also try them in different colors, for now the gold does not come off but we’ll see. I also added pearls to the strap for extra glitz, to be honest  this whole project was extremely impulsive but I loved how it turned out.

P.S The zara shoes are now on sale for $40 too!



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