Becoming a Beauty blogger


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What is a Beauty Blogger?

This is defined differently depending on the person, for me it means someone who shares their knowledge  of beauty (Makeup, hair, fashion) in their own way. This could be shared on a blog or on a platform (tiktok, youtube, instagram, twitter, etc) According to google “As a beauty blogger, your target audience will decide the products/regimes that you will recommend and for fashion, it will define the style. It will also decide the language, tonality, and content type. The lines can be blurred at times, especially when you don’t start instagram for that specific purpose.

Jack of All Trades

Hi Beauty blogger world, I’m back! Technically I didn’t go anywhere but between being a mom and trying to manage life as we know it. I write more about it on this post Just stuck to posting my life journey. It was easier for me you know?  As a woman with a-lot of different interests having to pick one always scares me because I want to “do it all.” Over the years I’ve come to realize that there is no shame in exploring all aspects of yourself, but sometimes there is a longing to do some of that online. Over the course of my career, I’ve always done things I’d like to do. My interests include photography, videography, sewing, visual art, ceramics, DIY projects, great aesthetics, crocheting, painting, and honestly the list goes on.

Not to mention, when I became a mom, I wanted to show people the experience of being a mom in todays modern day society. There was just one problem though, what is my focus? My why? Had to do a long hard soul search and realize there was one thing I was good at. Here’s a video I did that also talks about it, you can watch it here. Makeup. Let’s talk about it.

My Makeup Journey

Started my makeup journey in 2010 when I cut my hair and went natural. It started off slowly, first doing my brows (which were like pencils back then btw, I hear that look is coming back) then slowly started wanting to contour and highlight more. Realized that the more I did makeup the more confident I felt, the more alive I felt. Technically when I was 12, I tried on my mums silver revlon eyeshadow and she Promptly told me to take it off (I laugh now because I don’t even wear silver eyeshadow)

From the inception I was always a makeup girl, I just didn’t know where or how to start. There were only a couple of beauty blogger back then, I didn’t know many but I wanted to learn.  When I was in college I started wearing makeup more and more, especially because I Loved looking good to go to class. Yup, I was THAT GIRL I would come into class with a fur vest and bright colors with patterns. Spent all my money in college on thrift shops and H&M, trust me, It was legit.  Fell in love with looking good, the better I looked the better I felt. Ever since high school I had joined social platforms. My first ever being Hi5 (LOL, if you know you most definitely know) then going on to bebo, dabbling into myspace and then FINALLY the instagram bug hit.

Beginning of Instagram (The Beauty Blogger world)

Can’t even begin to explain my love affair with instagram, A place where the creatives meet. Please tell me my dreams aren’t coming true! At first I loved posting my creativity but something in me (The painter and visual artist I presume) wanted more. I wanted to paint, I wanted to draw. I found myself doing that in my daily life while I used to work at my jobs so why couldn’t I do that online? It was a risk I was willing to take because even though I felt like I didn’t know much I could learn, and I love learning things that make me happy. What started out as something I loved grew into something that I started teaching and ended up enjoying immensely.

Found myself wandering (like most artists do) growing and evolving as the platform grew and evolved. Ultimately I started realizing I was loosing sight of me. What I wanted, what my soul longed for, and that is where the journey starts. 2022. Definitely feeling like the year I express my creativity in a way I haven’t before, as my art form. My hope is that I inspire other artists to really reach into what they love too, its your love, your passion that will fuel your fire.

Heres my ode to trying new things, and embracing the beauty blogger world in a way I haven’t before. To express, inspire and to be free. Cheers to freedom of expression. Started off the year with a new series #makeupinspiredbyclothes, To reinspire myself and try all the looks that I felt I hadn’t tried in a while. Excited to see what this year brings! Cheers!


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